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IAC | ASU Industrial Assessment Center

Sponsors, Partners & Allies


Sponsors support the IAC financially or through significant in-kind contributions.

US Department of Energy, Advanced Manufacturing Office


Partners help with the technical aspect of assessments by either attending the site visit or working with the client after the fact to support implementation.


RevAZ is Arizona’s Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) and part of the national MEP network. Our mission is to help make every Arizona manufacturer the most successful business it can be. We provide services to manufacturers across the state and are committed to helping our clients achieve their business and operational goals with a focus on top and bottom line growth, operational excellence, supply chain optimization, organizational development, and deployment of advanced technologies. As an IAC partner, RevAZ can provide technical assistance in the implementation of key initiatives identified through the industrial assessment process. To learn more please visit or call 602.845.1256

Nevada Industry Excellence

Lincus, Inc


Allies support the IAC by referring clients or otherwise promoting its services.

For your free assessment, contact Nico Campbell, Lead Student


Office: 480-727-6098